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Skilled Representation In Construction Law Cases

Construction projects are typically large undertakings that require the involvement of numerous parties to see that the project is completed. When issues or questions arise, it is important to ensure your rights are protected with a knowledgeable construction lawyer.

If you are a homeowner, contractor, subcontractor, developer, or another party to a construction project, the Law Offices of Shai Oved can help with the situation you are facing. Representing clients throughout the San Fernando Valley and the state of California, I strive to address and resolve any issues as efficiently and effectively as possible while keeping your best interests in mind. Whether you have questions about a possible dispute or are already involved in a construction law matter, I can step in and guide you through to a solution.

Types Of Construction Law Issues

I confidently seek a resolution on behalf of plaintiffs and defend the rights of defendants in a wide range of construction law-related matters, including:

  • Homeowner construction issues, including design and construction defects
  • Construction issues impacting contractors, such as supplies being unavailable or incorrect
  • Mechanic’s liens on real property and seeking unpaid compensation
  • Contract drafting, review, negotiation and disputes
  • Timeline disputes, when projects have gotten off track or disagreements arise

Regardless of the situation, I am here to talk through your options with you. Through discussion and examination of the issue, I may present a possible resolution to the other side. Being proactive can be beneficial when the facts of the case allow.

Construction Litigation

Some construction law matters cannot be solved through simple negotiation and discussion. When the case progresses to litigation, you need a savvy trial lawyer on your side. I am knowledgeable and conscientious whenever it becomes necessary to engage in trials in all manner of construction law disputes. I provide a wide array of services to my individual and business clients whenever litigation requires vigorous courtroom advocacy. I am admitted to practice in both state and federal courts.

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Limited phone consultations with me are typically free. To get started on your construction law case, call me at 818-293-7999 or contact me online now.